‘Ugly Alert’ Im Ju Hwan 133Eps Drama Worth Re-Watched

Gong Junsu, Gong Nari, Gong Jinju, Gong Hyeonseok

Yep, worth Re-Watched! Not only worth watching but worth re-watched. That’s how good this drama. Is ‘133 eps’ make you hesitate? Ugly Alert is daily drama which run 30-40 minutes per episode, so it’s like 60-70 eps weekdays or weekend drama. When you watch this drama, you gonna smiling, crying, laughing, sobbing, swooning but never hating. In one phrase, ‘You gonna love it!’

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Can I get an assist or help about Weibo?

I create weibo account so I can follow Lim Ju Hwan on weibo. There’s two version of weibo application on app store; international version (white color icon) and Chinese version (yellow color icon).

On international version, I can sign up using common email like gmail and no mobile number required so I can login and logout easily, but the Chinese one, I sign up only with my mobile number, my country mobile number so I never sign out.

The problem is, the Chinese version app ask me to confirm (again) my mobile phone number, with Chinese prefix (+86). I cannot edit the prefix so the notification left hanging.

So, any of you can help me out?

Thanks in advance.

Lim Ju Hwan Opens A Weibo Account – Go Follow Him

In case you just not know it, yet.., today Lim Ju Hwan update his instagram with his new weibo account.

I have little knowledge about weibo but one commenter say its chinese-twitter-ish social media. Many other K-artist own weibo account too. Maybe its his way to measure how popular he is in China.

Go follow him my fellow Chinese visitor. Me? I don’t think I can follow him there. Definitely, I’ll gonna be in lost-in-translation modeπŸ˜…

Have a nice following guys😊