Breaking News! Lim Ju Hwan Official Instagram Account Now Un-Private!

Instagram 1st JuHwan

Yesss! Finally, Lim Ju Hwan is back to social media. Not twitter though, but yes he has a twitter account (@Limjuhwan). He create an instagram account but lock it as private account! BUT, today.., he opens it! Yep.., now all his fans can follow him easily.

Don’t worry. It’s his REAL account. He made his first post at July 16, 2015 and today he update his IG. And you can see from his follower, his 25 first follower. There’s Oh Yeon Seo, Kim Yu Jeong, Kim Ki Bang, Lee Kwang Su and many of his fellow artist. Happy following ^^

Note : Lim Ju Hwan social accounts are mini hompie, Twitter (@Limjuhwan) and Instagram (@lim_juhwan). He DOES NOT have a FB (Facebook) account, DOES NOT have FB Official Fanpage and DOES NOT have an english fansite.

Instagram 2 JuHwan

Disappointed and Mad

Not gonna update anything again in this blog unless Lim Juhwan has a new project, AS FIRST MALE LEAD!

Sorry, not gonna feel fine about the treatment of k-ent to him. It’s getting more ridiculous. Being a sidekick of an un experienced much younger actor when he still young (still below 40) is too much. I can’t! I just can’t!

Lim Ju Hwan as Choi Ji Tae Of Uncontrollably Fond – My Own Recap #1

It’s been a long, long, looooong time from the last time I updated this blog. Many things happened in RL, anyway.., let’s get move to my dear love latest drama recap, Uncontrollably Fond. I know it’s already 10 eps but better late than never.

Choi Ji Tae, A Fillial, Success and Respectful Son

Choi Ji Tae is a smart and good looking young man and a step-son of successful Senior Prosecutor. He supposedly have a bright and uncomplicated happy future life, until that day. The day Ji Tae over heard his step-father convo with his colleague, Yoon Jeong Eun father. He threatened him to cover up Jeong Eun hit-and-run case..

03 1-tile03 2-tile

Five years later, back to Korea as a Harvard alumn and being a successful bachelor (KJ Group Investment Director), he made up his mind and try not for carrying that burden. Ji Tae talks with his parents to cancel the marriage engagement with Jeong Eun which made without his consent, because he doesn’t like her, even he knows that his step-father career mostly depend on it. It’s just because he wants to spent his life with the one he loves, like his parents did.

04 4-tile04 2-tile04 3-tile

So, at the other night, he went to No Eul, the daughter of Jeong Eun hit-and-run victim, to make an amends and maybe ask for forgiveness for his father action. But he ended up witnessing No Eul accident which indirectly cause by Shin Joon Young (Ji Tae father illegitimate son) reckless action.

04 5-tile04 6-tile04 7-tile04 8-tile

Five years after that accident, without a clear story of ‘how’, Ji Tae is Lee Hyeon Nu ahjussi to No Eul.

01 1-tile01 2-tile

(to be continue…)

Happy Birthday, Lim Ju Hwan!

Happy Birthday, Lim Ju Hwan ssi.

Selamat ulang tahun…

생일 축하합니다, 임주환 씨😍😘

And I am very proud of myself because I greeted you ‘Happy Birthday’ on 00.01 KST 😊.

Every year, I wish that you’ll get what’s best for you, but I am sorry that I can’t send a birthday gift for you this year. Well, I’m pretty sure that you already have so many great gifts from your family and friends, and other fans; so mine never be counted 😄.

And again, happy happy happy birthday my dear.., I love you.., always ❤️❤️❤️.




Photo – Lim Ju Hwan on ‘Unctrollably Fondly’ Wrap-up Party

Yesterday, April 13th 2016, ‘Unctrollably Fondly’ drama production held their wrap up party at Non Hyeon-dong, Seoul. This drama is pre-produce and finish their filming on April 12th and will be broadcast at July 6th 2016.

Then, let’s collect Lim Ju Hwan photos on that event 🙂

By News1 “Lim Ju Hwan, Self-Glowing at Non Hyeon-dong”

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