‘Shine or Go Crazy’ Lim Ju Hwan – Oh Yeon Seo, ‘Shiny Visual Couple’

Well, that’s what I got from google translate when I tried to read the headline of this news



I have the same impression about these two. They look cute and matching as a couple. And, actually they were. In Wang Wuk storyline, he had a girlfriend (in his flashback) who looks like Shin Yul and they looked so perfect together. 🙂

I am not saying they should be the OTP of this drama but I do really wish that they can meet again as an OTP in another drama.

For justifying my impression, let’s take a look some offscreen picture of Lim Ju Hwan and Oh Yeon Seo below.

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Lim Ju Hwan’s ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ Press Release Backstage Picture Gallery

At Jan15th 2015, MBC hold a press release for their new Mon-Tue drama, ‘Shine or Go Crazy’. I don’t know but I think they have a black/white dress code for those event because almost all main casts wore black outfit. And I love it because my Ju Hwan always, always look so good, gracious and charming in black suits. (yeah, you can call me biased, whatever) 😛

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‘Ugly Alert’ Family at Gangnam 1970 VIP Premiere


At Jan20th 2015, ‘Ugly Alert’ family; Gong Junsu (Lim Juhwan), Na Dohee (Kang Sora), Gong Jinju (Kang Byul) and Gong Hyunsuk (Choi Taejun) attending ‘Gangnam 1970’ movie VIP Premiere to support their youngest sibling, Gong Nari (AOA Seolhyeon) which casted as Lee Minho little sister in those movie. Lovely to see how warm and close their offscreen relationship, even it already passed over a year.

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Lim Ju Hwan’s ‘GangNam 1970’ VIP Premiere Gallery

My boy is always looks so good in black. Yes, Im Ju Hwan is my M.I.B. (Man in Black). Latest public event he attend is ‘Gang Nam 1970’ VIP Premiere, and yes, he wore a black theme outfit, again.

So here’s the gallery (I just put some from so many in the net)


I love the photographer for shoot him in those angle. He’s purrrfect!

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