Lim Ju Hwan’s ‘GangNam 1970’ VIP Premiere Gallery

My boy is always looks so good in black. Yes, Im Ju Hwan is my M.I.B. (Man in Black). Latest public event he attend is ‘Gang Nam 1970’ VIP Premiere, and yes, he wore a black theme outfit, again.

So here’s the gallery (I just put some from so many in the net)


I love the photographer for shoot him in those angle. He’s purrrfect!

ÀÓÁÖȯ, ¿Ãºê·¢À¸·Î ¼¼·ÃµÇ°Ô~ 3740120073_6c0a8eda

20150120212250_54be4899cd45a_1 69192289.1

I always love him if he has short hair cut. It makes him looks more mature, not boyish like when he has a long hair cut. If you know how I was drooling over his picture back in the army….

Like this one.

IJH on HIM-crop


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