Lim Ju Hwan’s ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ Press Release Backstage Picture Gallery

At Jan15th 2015, MBC hold a press release for their new Mon-Tue drama, ‘Shine or Go Crazy’. I don’t know but I think they have a black/white dress code for those event because almost all main casts wore black outfit. And I love it because my Ju Hwan always, always look so good, gracious and charming in black suits. (yeah, you can call me biased, whatever) 😛

Here’s the gallery, credit as tagged



But the backstage picture far more interesting and cute, for me 😀 (I don’t know it’s taken before or after)



Especially when it published in black/white 🙂

soc_photo150115180755imbcdrama0 soc_photo150115164901imbcdrama3

I always see him as a sexy man when he being serious ❤



Anyway, good luck Ju Hwan ssi. Wish your career will be more shine and rise this year. *HUG*



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