My Dear Villain – Chief Lee (Edited 130215 : more picture)


DC Gall really know how to tempt me. I am so longing to watch this movie but I can’t, yet.., and someone posting this picture.

I am sorry to call you my dear villain but how can I hate you even when you being a villain. You are always be my dearest whatever role you take.

Did I say that I love you when you smile and laugh? But, did I say that I love you more when you serious? I am serious. Then, how can I hate you as Chief Lee? 🙂

Let me ask the other to join me drooling with another picture of Chief Lee below. (Credit as tagged in picture)




Oh God, please grant my wish to see him in drama as a law enforcement officer. Aameen.



Does he look so charming in uniform? (yes, I’m bias).



I heard from my FB fellow that this movie will be playing in local theatre there, start from April 2nd. Lucky you my friend, I’m green with envy here. 😦


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