Shine or Go Crazy ep21 – Im Ju Hwan Cut

“In what ways can I protect you? In what ways can I save you?”

“You’ve already protected me and saved me, in many ways”

“Now, is there nothing I can do for you? Is there nothing?”

Gawd, I hate to watch you heart broken, again… It’s hard for my heart… T_T


‘Shine or Go Crazy’ Actor Im Ju Hwan’s 9 Heartthrob Image


‘Im Ju Hwan’s wonderful and beautiful presence is garnering attention. On March 30th, MBC’s Monday & Tuesday drama, ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ has revealed actor Im Ju Hwan’s 9 heartrob images.

Wang Wuk (Im Ju Hwan), the perfect guy character in Goryeo with the gentle and warm personality, the intelligent brain and the handsome appearance will do anything and everything for Sin Yul (Oh Yeon-seo). As such an innocent and pure hearted guy, he has won the heart of women fans.

The revealed photos show Im Ju Hwan as a romantic guy with the warm eyes, as well as a charismatic manly guy. Im Ju Hwan’s beautiful presence and stunning body catch your eyes.

Im Ju Hwan brought up Wang Wuk character to life perfectly through his stable acting performances and the abilities to express the subtle and detailed emotions, trying to become an emperor in order to protect his woman.

Im Ju Hwan has received good reviews for his acting abilities to completely indulge himself into the character and become the axis of the storyline as a result.

Source : Hancinema Original news : WStarNews

Shine or Go Crazy Ep20 – Im Ju Hwan Cut

“I swear on this plate, I won’t lose my love again.”

Even you know she doesn’t love you back, you can’t lose her, Wang Wuk… T_T

Edit : Because Wang Wuk’s plea to marry Shin Yul, one viewer bashing the actor who plays Wang Wuk character, that is Im Ju Hwan, as ‘A casting blunder!’ Grow up, girl! It’s just a drama. Just because one character is on your otp’s way, you bash the one who played him?! Oh well, maybe you are a professional casting director and a professional acting guru, which cannot be compared to me, whose just a fan.