Nothing Else Matters

This is why I hate triangle love story. Smart people suddenly acted fool and unreasonable. I know love is a heart matter but still.., we can use our mind and logic. If that person doesn’t love you, just leave! Why you did something you hate just because it can please someone who doesn’t love you? So now you know Ju Hwan ssi, how much I love you.. I hate this drama storyline but I still watch it, only for you! (Wait.., what? I think I acted like a fool, too!*covering_my_face*)

Even Wang Wuk.., I think he try to redemp what he can’t do when he’s with Dan Young. He couldn’t protect Dan Young, now he’s trying so hard to protect Shin Yul, with his life.

But, I love how the scriptwriter portraying Wang Wuk. He does not become dark evil-ish prince. He just a heart-broken prince who’s trying to win his love over a girl which resemble the love of his life; at any cost!


Lying and ‘hurt’ her…


Just to make her safe…




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