Im Ju Hwan’s Kissing Scenes

I don’t know why suddenly I want to write about your kissing scenes, Ju Hwan ssi.

As I know, you did not do many drama. It’s only ‘Tamra’, ‘What’s Up?’, and ‘Ugly Alert’ with you as main lead, ‘Snow Queen’ and ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ as second lead, other two or three as main lead in a special drama, such as ‘Hyunhaettan Marriage War’, ‘Return of Shim Chung’ and ‘Housemaid Sunny’.

KSUgly Alert.E129.131125.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_001782000

And, we all know that only main lead has a chance to have a kissing scene (except for Ugly Alert 😀 ) because you have a pairing partner or an OTP. If each your drama as main lead has at least one OTP’s kissing scene, so we can say you have 6, right? Well, let’s see!

In Tamra, you have three…

KSTamra episode 07.avi_002788028KSTamra episode 13.avi_002910683KSTamra episode 16.avi_002212729

Actually, only the second pic is count to be kissing scene 🙂

Then, in Hyunhaettan Marriage War, you have only one, and it’s about a couple who lived together for 2 years…

KSHyunhaetan Marriage War Episode 2 Final - Watch Korean drama online, Korean drama English subtitle(2).flv_000479705KSHyunhaetan Marriage War Episode 2 Final - Watch Korean drama online, Korean drama English subtitle(2).flv_000481937

So did in ‘What’s Up?’, just one. A declaration of love and a farewell kiss at once… [still hurting me 😦 ]

KSWhat's Up 017.avi_001400674KSWhat's Up 017.avi_001402054

In Ugly Alert.., count it yourself 😛

Ep 6, Jun Su’s first kiss ever..,

KSUgly Alert.E006.130527.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_000685196

Ep 35, Jun Su – Do Hui first kiss… (awkward but sweet)

KSUgly Alert.E035.130708.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_002005746

Ep 41, Jun Su’s (meant to be) farewell kiss…

KSUgly Alert.E041.130716.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_001420407

Ep 51, ‘let’s go together’ kiss…

KSUgly Alert.E051.130730.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_000666128

Ep 77, well…, just a lovers passionate kiss

KSUgly Alert.E077.130904.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_000524140

Ep 85, afternoon kiss, Do Hui said…

KSUgly Alert.E085.130917.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_000284860

Ep 96, Jun Su’s (meant to be, again) farewell kiss…

KSUgly Alert.E096.131004.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_000957299

Ep 100, congratulation kiss…

KSUgly Alert.E100.131010.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_001161240

Ep 105, getaway kiss…

KSUgly Alert.E105.131018.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_000990910

Ep 128, last bachelor kiss… 😀

KSUgly Alert.E128.131122.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_001482591

Ep 129, kisses as Mr. and Mrs. Gong Jun Su…

KSUgly Alert.E129.131125.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_000814390KSUgly Alert.E129.131125.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_000819777KSUgly Alert.E129.131125.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_000888230KSUgly Alert.E129.131125.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_001774521KSUgly Alert.E129.131125.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_001783341

Ep 133, dejavu kiss..,*sweet*

KSUgly Alert.E133.End.131129.HDTV.x264.576p.Hel.mp4_001686570

Did you count? You have 21 kissing scenes and 15 of it with your co-star in Ugly Alert, Kang Sora. No wonder, many people shiping you with her. Me.., at first, but now, nah.., it’s just in drama. You did it professionally. And whoever lady or girl you dating with or you will date to, it’s your private life and your personal matter.

But, ehmmm (cough).., when will you be main lead, again, so we can add more of those scenes? 😀


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