Im Joo Hwan Says He Is Focusing on Quitting Smoking and Drinking in Cosmopolitan Pictorial

article by kiddy_days at soompi

Actor Im Joo Hwan, who is now in his 10th year since his debut, said that the thing that he is focusing most on besides acting is quitting smoking and drinking.


On the April issue of fashion magazine Cosmopolitan which was released on March 23, Im Joo Hwan says that he began to think a lot more after being discharged from the military and going into his 30s. He says, “It’s not so much because I’m becoming anxious, but because I think my acting should be more convincing, and I’m becoming greedier with that in mind.”


When asked what else besides acting he’s focusing on, he answers, “Quitting drinking and smoking.” He answers, “Since last May, no matter what the occasion or party, I only drink one glass of beer,” showing his dedication and seriousness to his health.

Meanwhile, Im Joo Hwan plays Wang Wook in the ongoing MBC drama, “Shine or Go Crazy.”

Source : soompi


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