[Trans] ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ Im Ju Hwan, Crave To Act (Interview) April 25th 2015

“Heavenly Actor”

Im Ju Hwan’s story revealed how quite affectionate and passionate he is for acting since the day he start his high school theatre activity until he is now an actor. He was able to get a glimpse of the efforts between an attitude to maintain works and an immerse sincerity. Continue reading “[Trans] ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ Im Ju Hwan, Crave To Act (Interview) April 25th 2015”

Doing Trans of Im Ju Hwan Interview? Got Mixed Feeling

Still remember my older post

Doing Korean Article Translating – Life’s Problem No 11Β πŸ˜€

and now I had been doing it for about 3 or 4 of your interview, Ju Hwan ssi? Honestly, it’s google and bing’s job per literal word, but I did the most of important part, made it to a meaning sentences. Well, you know korean language structure is pretty hard to understand. And it gave me a mixed feeling. I did excited, yet confused, yet frustrated, yet curious and happy, relieve and proud when I can finish it. At least now, I know what you said to the reporter, pretty clear, not like mumbling meaningless sentences like translator machine provide me automatically.

And to all whom visited my blog, thank you for visiting. I am far far far away from good blogger. First, english isn’t my first language and second, I have difficulties to translate whats in my mind into words. Thank you for chosing my blog to fulfill your curiousity over my one only K-Actor, Im Ju Hwan.

Now, I still have two interview to translate. Wish me luck! πŸ™‚

[Trans] Im Ju Hwan “Will Stick A Little Longer!” – April 19th 2015

[Im Ju Hwan] Enthusiastic performance as Wang Wuk in ‘Shine or Go Crazy’

Hankooki Im Ju Hwan 1

Actor Im Ju Hwan (33) “It much more fun than I thought” and made him say “Often hears that” he laughing. With 186cm tall, big eyes, will excite a woman’s heart so he works earnestly to be remember not only by the weight of his appearance. But he was an actor with a reflection charm. He has been lively and energetic when say word by word.

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