[Trans] – Im Ju Hwan Teaches Do Kyeong Su from EXO How to Dance?

ImJuHwan MD2

Via Hancinema

“I’m very extreme when it comes to personality. I’m too serious sometimes and too hyper when I’m hyper. Sometimes I joke too much as well”.

Im Ju Hwan was quite unexpected. He plays Wang Wuk who struggles to win the heart of Sin Yul (Oh Yeon Seo) and the Goryeo in the MBC drama “Shine or Go Crazy”. He’s pretty serious in the drama but outside of the camera, he is such a happy person.

“Some say there’s something missing about my role, but I personally think the story of Wang Wuk is plain and neat. I think Wang Wuk is better putting everything down and leaving rather than heart-aching over Sin Yul”.

ImJuHwan MD1

Wang Wuk is quite devoted to Sin Yul almost as much as Wang So (Jang Hyeok). We asked him if he is unsatisfied about not fulfilling love and he spilled out his concerns.

“Wang Wuk was definitely more pure hearted than Wang So. Wang So was married twice. I worried Wang So might seem provocative to the viewers; why he hates his father Wang Gun, why he’s against royal marriage and how he came to fall in love with Sin Yul. Thankfully, my concerns were no longer necessary towards the end of the drama”.

ImJuHwan MD3

Im Ju Hwan mentioned his greed for stronger characters at the production presentation previously. Did Wang Wuk satisfy him?

“It’s not enough. I played a bad guy in “The Technicians” but it was 15 years and above rated so I couldn’t express character as much as I wanted to. When I meet director Kim Hong Seon, I always tell him to make another adult rated movie. I am even willing to be a passerby in that movie. Every actor has a wish to be a manly and macho character at one point. Being cruel is not macho but there’s something you can feel through it. I have always wanted to play a strong character like the leading character in “Birdman” or The Joker in “Batman”.

ImJuHwan MD5

Actors Jo In Seong, Song Jung Ki, Lee Kwang Su and Kim Ki Bang are some of his close friends who help him a lot in his acting career. EXO’s D.O. recently joined this gang.

“(Do) Kyeong Su and I became close. I’ll call him Do Kyeong Su. I wondered how he might be because he’s an idol but he’s is very desirable. Jo In Seong hyeong doesn’t evaluate younger actors often but he said, Do Kyeong Su was alright. We have a youngest member in our group”.

The gang sounds fancy with names like Song Jung Ki who is almost done with National Duty.

“When we get together we talk about acting most of the time. It’s quite a serious gathering. We monitor each other and even read our scripts together. We sometimes memorize each others’ scripts and advise one another. Do Kyeong Su recently showed us some moves to his new song and we pointed out some improvements in the routine. Song Jung Ki might need some time adapting to the environment once he gets out but he always has us to monitor him”.

ImJuHwan MD4


Translation article Hancinema

Original article MyDaily


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