Im Ju Hwan “Oh Yeon Seo’s Animal Instinct Acting, a Real Rating Queen”

English translation by haymochi at soompi forum.

Actor Im Ju Hwan praised his colleagues Oh Yeon Seo.

In MBC ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ Im Ju Hwan acted as the most handsome prince .Wang Wuk who seems cold, but inside he is a character bearing a painful love in his heart. He has shown a pure love towards Shin Yul (Oh Yeon Seo) towards the end.


On the 8th of April during his interview he said “In fact I’m a little bit slow when loving someone. It took me some time to feel the emotion of love to the stage of confessing to the other party”

“Me and Jang Hyuk hyeong are the more quiet style and we have reactions when we are acting seriously. I was mainly looking at the script most of the time while Oh Yeon Seo was really having fun and speak without any hesitation. She is the unstoppable style ”

Following,”Not too long ago there was a scene when Shin Yul was trying out her bridal gown before the wedding ceremony, the gown was decorated with beads which made sounds like “jjalrang jjalrang”. Oh Yeon Seo was dancing a belly dance to that and made the other staffs joined her as well, Oh Yeon Seo is really a cheerful person. The two women, Oh Yeon Seo and Honey Lee have made the filming atmosphere very delightful”

“I’ve seen a lot of articles about “The Queen of Rating” for (Oh) Yeon Seo. I think that praises really come out  for a reason,  she is someone who has an animalistic instinct in acting and coming out very pretty on screen”.

And another english translation by gumi at soompi forum from different Im Ju Hwan’s interview excerpt, which is commenting and praising his co-star.

“Jang Hyuk hyeongnim is an outstanding actor. Action, melo, serious, he can act superb in all possible genres. On the first day of filming, I saw him and thought, wow he’s really good looking. He also puts a lot of thoughts in his script. If you look at his script, it’s all black from notes. He’s also great at memorizing his script. When we were filming Ep 17, he had already finished memorizing everything up till Ep 18. He memorizes the entire script, it’s amazing. I learned a lot from him.”

“Oh Yeon Seo is very energetic. On filming site, Jang Hyuk hyeong and I were on more quiet side. Jang Hyuk hyeong has super energetic reaction on camera (but is quiet off camera), and I also mostly stayed serious reading scripts. But Oh Yeon Seo loved joking around and talking to people. She’s a free soul. There was a scene she’s dressed up in wedding clothes, and there were little ornaments that made sound everytime she walked. She did belly dance in front of everybody wearing that. She’s very cheerful.”

“Honey Lee is someone who always gives her best. She is smart, kind and beautiful, perfection itself. Even her vocab use is different, she uses expressions not often used. She is full of knowledge, well-mannered, and is kind to everyone. She approaches staffs and actors first and makes jokes as well. She’s a charismatic person, not forcefully but with soft charisma, with self-made jokes and funny expressions. Not to mention her beauty.”

Last, it’s the last paragraph of this interview by newsen . English translation by kyeongsew at twitter

Me, Jo In Seong hyeong, Kim Ki Bang hyeong, Lee Kwang Su and Song Jung Ki. Five of us often meet and contact each other and the meeting itself is a serious kind of meeting. It’s not that we give an advice to each other, but it’s more like where we talk about things that we missed as we lived as an actor. All of us have a different tone in acting and even thoughts, so it’s fun to talk about somethings together. And we got to learns things that we don’t know too. Of course we didn’t talk about serious things only, we talked about pleasant things too. We joke around too as we drink together. Not long ago, we got a maknae (youngest) in the group. We recruited EXO’s member D.O. as our new member. He did a drama together with Jo In Seong hyeong in ‘Its Okay Its Love’ and because of that connection he got to join us. But because of that, the other members response is “Why we always meet with men only?” cause never once there’s an actress that joined us. To the girls that read this article, please contact us hahaha.

I am proud of him for being a humble, kind and well-mannered person. He never talk bad about others. Keep it, Im Ju Hwan ssi! 🙂


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