[Trans] Jewel-like Actor Im Ju Hwan, When You Look For ‘Ideal Man’

[300 Character Tips] Actor make living from an image. So, the actor’s built image can be ‘absolute prep’ or no difference with their own. For an actor, living a lifetime with that ‘perfect image’ can be write as a reason to success here. In this sense, actor Im Ju Hwan (33) is a successful man. He did took a lot of character in his 10 years acting career. But among of them, only in ‘Shine or Go Crazy’, his image is ‘A good man’. Handsome face, calm voice, he mostly perfect for a good character. Im Ju Hwan has completed ‘his own image’. Particularly looked at his charm as an actor.

SQ Im Ju Hwan 1

Im Ju Hwan recently taking a role as lonely Prince Wang Wuk in MBC Monday-Tuesday Drama ‘Shine or Go Crazy’. In that drama, Wang Wuk is ‘a good man’ who choose true love over his desire. And once again, Im Ju Hwan exerted distinctive light of his good image. He hoped the viewers to think he was perfect and succeeded in completing Wang Wuk’s character.

SQ Im Ju Hwan 2

‘Shine or Go Crazy’ was solely work, “But I learned a lot”

In ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ Im Ju Hwan take a role of Wang Wuk character whom did not received love. He has one sided-love to Sin Yul (Oh Yeon Seo) who was in love with his older step-brother, Wang So (Jang Hyeok). Even his older sister, Princess Yeo Won abandoned him politically. It was solely a character, but it can’t help bounce to the actor who plays it. But even in a such situation, Im Ju Hwan said “It was tough, but I learned a lot”.

“Among characters I have played, it was the first time I did not received a love within drama characters. Had to do it alone. Even as a prince, I always walk alone. However it’s hard in the beginning, but it was an opportunity to learn a lot. I had a lot of time to concentrate and looked on act this lonely character, especially much learn to acting within a lonely unrequited love.”

“It was more Jang Hyeok hyeong when it comes to act in love. I think it was a difficult stand. (Laugh) I pretend to like what seems I hate it. It was different inside and outside.”

SQ Im Ju Hwan 3

Shades of character in the middle “Didn’t show more to be remain sorrow”

To Im Ju Hwan, Wang Wuk character is crossed and sorrow. It was because the ambiguous position and the proportion of the character.

“Of course there were also a downer. Wang Wuk was the character who stuck in the middle of the main characters. Has an outstanding martial arts so does Wang So character. Smart but pressed by Princess Yeo Won, yes he love Sin Yul but she devoted to Wang So only. (Laugh) I wanted to show more through Wang Wuk but it won’t be inconvinience.”

“But I’ve been told by PD-nim that Wang Wuk can’t have many thing to be desired. What he want was love. It’s when Wang Wuk character’s have to say and act to protect his love.. Although one sided-love, Wang Wuk character growth on it’s own how to loved the love one. At first, he was like I want to take Sin Yul roughly, but in the end, ‘true love is when you want a happiness for that person’ and grow contained yourself. In this part, much grateful to writer-nim as much as to PD-nim.”

SQ Im Ju Hwan 4

Inmersed in Colorful Charm, “Work satisfaction and thank you”

Im Ju Hwan recent work was about a sorrowful man, but at the end he satisfied with the ratings. It was a colorful charm that ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ had.

“Lack of proper explanation of ‘victorius result’, only that Wang Wuk character was unfortunate, but I am satisfied. This drama is attractive because of its diversity. Despite being a historical fiction comics, it its romance, action and more. In addition, they did not try to throw a lot of ad-lib acting in historical drama. Especially, the history remains neat and the final impressions is very good. At the end, not one of the characters is a loser.”

“I guess this part of ‘Shine or Go Crazy’, was the driving-force behind it number 1 in ratings. Personally, it’s my first number 1 drama viewership so it has special meaning for me. To the viewers, staffs and everyone, thank you very much.”

The actor is also a staff members, “You should sacrifice to work”

Im Ju Hwan is not a bouncing actor. Rather than try bouncing at the story, he is the type of actor who read the whole story. He agreed on this value. In particular, his acting philosophy it-self that  ‘sacrifice’ to the whole play is more important than personal-greed.

“(Actors cares to a whole drama) I think it’s more important part. At one scene, I believe that scene alive because of the whole part of the drama. I think we should refrain that the show is good because of bouncing action, but because of a good ensemble between actors and the whole team. Clearly, in a drama, my desire is to stand out and to be exist but I cannot do that. Don’t look at the tree, look at the forest. I think actor is a staff too. Sacrifice to work.”

SQ Im Ju Hwan 5

Acting greedy, “Realistic character actor like Marlon Brando”

Im Ju Hwan that sacrifice for the whole play. But he also an actor who has desire to act as a deep realistic character.

“I like Marlon Brando. When it comes to character building, he’s unmatched. I want to be an actor who has realistic acting capability, through meticulous research of character details, like Marlon Brando. But if there’s condition that only one sacrifice for entire drama was laid under the premise. I don’t know for sure if I will be able to catch two rabbits, but I thought it wouldn’t be possible if I get older. I will try.”

SQ Im Ju Hwan 6

A good man? “Real personality is different”

Im Ju Hwan is the absolute image of ‘a good man’. Have been take a various character, he saw that ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ role is the most ‘a good man’ character. It’s greatly contributed a good impression of his image.

But Im Ju Hwan said his image as a performer and it’s real personality are in different highlight. He add, a good man image are good, but he like a challenge in various character.

“A lot of people definitely look at me only as a good guy. I think it’s singly because I took mostly a good man character. But my real personality is the opposite. With an attitude which always jump between all or nothing in work, I also straightforward when express the truth. I also like to drink. (*Im Ju Hwan  is like an american bulldog who can eat like a man for a week. Now refrain that for alcohol*)I’m not really sure about this translation, forgive me

“Honestly I find this good guy image was built because a lot of transformation. Act as a tic-disorder homeless. My good man acting I like to give to my fans and I know I always thank you for that part. I wouldn’t act and sounds as a good man. But we should look at that as an actor did a variety of acting. Now, I shoudn’t only be good with that. So I constantly pursue a new challenge. Actor can feel a carthasis of a different acting.”

SQ Im Ju Hwan 7

Married? “I think I’ll put more effort on acting”

Im Ju Hwan is 33 years old. Now little by little to think about marriage. In order to get mature in acting, a marriage is also necessary. Finally, he wondered about the idea of marriage.

“I haven’t thought about marriage yet. I’m still lack of affordability. I still cannot be responsible for someone else. I still don’t have enough. I want to have more than enough when I get married.”

“That’s why in order to do that, I need to put more effort as an actor. I think actor is like a sculptor. Abstractly speaking, he should show the public the good act he will be recognized for, rather than himself. The public reckon the act, then he become a recognize actor. Please reckon me.”(laugh)

[Review] Im  Ju Hwan is clearly a good man. Not only because a good impression of manner and speech. Genuinely committed to acting, yet he is not lack of modesty. Who could hate this actor? He has the basic qualities as an actor which the public sees and believe. With this weapon, we expect him to be a leading actor.

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