[Trans] “Shine or Go Crazy’ Im Ju Hwan, Release ‘Fishing-Proof Photo’ With Staff.., ‘Eye-Catching’

‘Wang Wuk’ of MBC Mon-Tue Drama ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ Im Ju Hwan who leave to sea fishing with drama staffs revealed a ‘fishing proof shot’.

Blossom Entertainment released it via their official facebook page, Im Ju Hwan carrying a fish just caught by him and a bow at the boat ~ and appear with wide smile when took a group photo with drama staffs. Last picture is others look at a beautiful sea.

ImJuHwan Fishing

This ‘fishing trip’ is Im Ju Hwan’s light-hearted farewell trip with the staffs, which made a bond while filming drama “Shine or Go Crazy’.

Netizen said, “I was so excited to see how healing is this” ~ “I see that he has a strong association with drama staff.” Others responded, “It’s warmed my heart to see this beautiful farewell after finishing work.” ~ “I guess Im Ju Hwan real personality is as great as his visual.”

Article original TopStarNews


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