[Trans] Im Ju Hwan “Will Stick A Little Longer!” – April 19th 2015

[Im Ju Hwan] Enthusiastic performance as Wang Wuk in ‘Shine or Go Crazy’

Hankooki Im Ju Hwan 1

Actor Im Ju Hwan (33) “It much more fun than I thought” and made him say “Often hears that” he laughing. With 186cm tall, big eyes, will excite a woman’s heart so he works earnestly to be remember not only by the weight of his appearance. But he was an actor with a reflection charm. He has been lively and energetic when say word by word.

In drama ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ which ended recently (screenplay Kwon In Chan-Kim Seon Mi; PD Son Hyeong Seok-Yun Ji Hun) Im Ju Hwan took Wang Wuk role, a handsome Goryeo prince who has confront Wang So (Jang Hyeok) over Sin Yul (Oh Yeon Seo). Of course because Sin Yul only devoted to Wang So, through out the filming he’d been sorrow. Also with a little and insufficient explanation, Wang Wuk character becoming fine from heart aching at the end. However, he shone like the drama title. Saw one of his talk, of course once again is a main example of acting power and right visual

Good result throught the drama was aired.

“One miniseries work after a long time. In fact it is first no. 1 in rating, and it was the first time the works ended in double digits viewership. So that “Shine or Go Crazy’ has a different meaning. Look out to see more people too in this work.”

At the ending, Wang Wuk was not sorrow, pull up and leave to find happiness.

“Involved as an actor, sorrow is remains to be resolved. The story of Kwang Jong personally captured a little more, with showing a bloody monarch will never pull a better drama. And still unsatisfied. All the actors on the screen look pretty cool and sacked. Reinvented work had caught a lot of decorations also harmful. Wang Wuk ending is also satisfied. There’s a lot of anxiety in the first place. Explanation of Wang Wuk early life wasn’t good. There were concerns over the finish and some complaint about the absence of the victory in the story. How I finished it, looks good if I wanted to put down everything and leave. Wang Wuk seems to be well-organized.

Hankooki Im Ju Hwan 2

Had one sided-love to Oh Yeon Seo in drama. Did it tough thing to do?

“There was no way that I have people who love me. In this drama when I was alone, there was loneliness. Sin Yul were shaking for me. Only, there was Wang So. Feel the loneliness and vacant feeling naturally. Just look in vain Oh Yeon Seo shows.”

Had the longest hair among actor cast.

“Wang Wuk was the most handsome Goryeo man. Was supposed to be a unique outward to show. That’s why they put hair wave too. It was a a bit brown color tone. Earring, hair braided and clothes was gorgeous. That’s very contrast with Wang So. But it’s uncomfortable. Many men having a long straight hair which ideal for women. Once put a wig, we couldn’t take it off until finish shooting. It was really hard when putting rice into the mouth from eating meals here and there and when the clothes is too tight.”

Hankooki Im Ju Hwan 3

Were you titled Goryeo most handsome man?

“I was tanning when taken a movie “The Technicians’. That pretty much burned. I had to get back to my skin colour as the result came out. Had to hurried. Apply moisture cream each time I go. But still, seems can’t get the skin easily regained. I had to look tough for villain role in ‘The Technician’ so PD-nim wants me to receive articial tanning once or twice a day. I mean I heard if it onto the skin to tanning didn’t much care who was defeat. In the process of returning to my skin, the difference in my face become spotted. In such situation become the Goryeo most handsome man. This great mental burden.”

Much more pleasant than I thought

Hear a lot of that rumour. It seems because I took a lot of dignified and serious role. It is really interesting to have my own romantic comedy. I feel like even when you feel the heaviness seems to be trapped in image, it can show one aspect of manly macho looks. The question I want to really get done is what kind of character you want to try. Among them, I want to show to the public a masculine and tough look.”

I’m going back in a modern mini-series drama.

“To me, work should be a choice rather than a selection. Recognition and existence is uncertain as an actor. Medium size. If you give me, I’m ready to work hard at any broadcasting station you get.”

Hankooki Im Ju Hwan 4

I’m too realistic?

“Pride wasn’t there if you have to be realistic. I wasn’t said to lower to the ground or always be victorius. Started from a little part. Because I still have the attitude at that time when I came up on the stage with one little step. It envious suddenly become a star. But as far as I walk this road, it’s not ashamed and also note-worthy. My confidence is strong even my recognition and existence as an actor is uncertain.”

If your showbiz-life well stand, what would you say to yourself?

Hang in there. I’ve been walking more than 10 years now and had the No. 1 tv viewership. I would like to say hang in there a little more. Am I really doing well? I felt distressed. Not even have award from acting award ceremony like ages. I kept thinking I’m not worth the prize for a thing called actor. But not a long ago, I got an energy charge word from Honey Lee. For the first time, I have the No. 1-rated drama, makes Honey Lee say “Oppa is doing well long better more than this one, even without such a thing you will continue starring as a lead”. I feel like being hit right in the back of my head. Honey’s word really warm and thank you for everything. My thought is in transition. Honey is really ‘a character morale’.

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