[Trans] Im Ju Hwan “I Want To – `I Can Do Great Act` Rather Than `I Can Perform Act`”

At April 15th, we met actor Im Ju Hwan (33) at our office building. He put off Prince Wang Wuk of ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ and we met a manly with sweet smile actor.

As MBC Drama ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ ended 7 days ago, Im Ju Hwan in his 12yrs act had shaken South Korean women’s heart with Wang Wuk role. He debuted in SBS drama ‘Magic’ (2004), built works with acting in a bit part on ‘A Millionare First Love’ (2006) and ‘Arang’ (2006) movie. And extended his position by take a lead role in KBS2 ‘The Snow Queen’ (2006), MBC ‘Tamra The Island’ (2009) and SBS ‘Ugly Alert’ (2013).

Im Ju Hwan in ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ showed the acting is about “I’m hoping I have more detail expression why Wang Wuk character wants to be leaving a sorrow rather than easy and satisfied one; that’s what acting should be about” he said “I wish I had explained the background why Wang Wuk has a closed heart, his action didn’t so much convincing from viewers perspective” he ended his comment.

In drama, Wang Wuk is the 5th son of King TaeJo whose smart and good looking, combined with an outstanding character and good martial art skill. Has a wound in his heart, and wants to become the king to keep his love.

Unlike silent Wang Wuk, Im Ju Hwan has a bright and cool personality.

“I’m not sure that’s my real personality. I can be seriously serious, sometimes I work confidently, sometimes I don’t, depending on situation. From what I heard, I have extreme personality.”

Before acting as as handsome prince, he acted as Chief Lee in ‘The Technician’ which he has a tanned face and body skin colour, so he had to put great skin care treatment to create a gleaming face while shooting ‘Shine or Go Crazy’. He added, he trying to look different in acting above all other his previous character referred to his earlier sageuk drama “Tamra The Island’ (2009) and movie ‘A Frozen Flower’ (2008).

(When asked) among those genres, which genre is more easy to act, he said “It’s not professional for the actor itself to answer” and “I can’t say what genre that suit me more. It’s difficult to evaluate acting itself (is) that good (is) that bad” he said it with humble attitude.

His depth dream as an actor growth when he act on public theatre as part of his high school theatre class activity.

“Aside of, I never prepare to be an artist. I admitted to theatre school activity in high school after my friend came along and I attracted to a great energy bursting of emotion I felt inside. It was an opportunity, starting from that role I went step by step in a process to tread.”

Good stature, excellent (body) ratio, impressive mask. Im Ju Hwan well-known as a model-turn-actor.

“Model life of course, but it was at the start of actor (life). There are companies create a lot of model-turn-actors like Kang Dong Won ssi, Jeong Eui Cheol ssi, Lee Min Ki ssi. And many more you know as model-turn-actor.”

In drama, Wang Wuk role like a tall man (sidekick) overlooking for Sin Yeol (Oh Yeon Seo). What about Im Ju Hwan love style for real.

“In fact is, to love or fall in love both are active part. I think love will comes along when you dash to someone actively. But to think of marriage as you gets older, it’s not easy when it comes to dating. You have to be careful because of your artist profession but also put that person profession and life when given the tought of marriage. Also pay attention to see and feel, to be well in harmony, and first of all, can see and acknowledge my job as an actor.”

Put forward to the role Im Ju Hwan want to do next “Greedy of character I did not experience before” he said.

“Because I want that one kind of role, I don’t think (as an actor) I have to wait only for that role. It’s all the same, I have to concentrate on the character given to me. I don’t want to draw a line to the role but it’s true that I don’t see the character I don’t feel attracted to. I want to act to a strong and rough sense of character such as murderers, psycopath or criminal. Viewers are often like pretty and nice thing, then is that what you like? But as an actor instict, I want the contrary and express the opposite character. Only do the opposite and displacing your desire to look good.”

Im Ju Hwan more happy when he can do well act rather than he can do act to the role given to him. He smile and said he can feel the carthasis when he hear the compliments of the challenge role he take.

Recent story of meeting best friends Lee Kwang Su, Jo In Seong, Song Jung Ki and Kim Ki Bang.

“We gather and put off our job as a celebrity. Honestly, this group meeting is not meeting to have fun or play. Over our busy time, it’s nice to meet regularly to talk about our acting (job) and monitoring each other. Giving encouraging advice such as ‘Lately you, the acting was good’ ‘Your hairstyle change giving fine impression’. That feeling like little ‘study’? I guess the best friends gathering will be a good stimulant to each other. But all these are not jealous rivalry. Because of each other has a little bit different sector, the rivalry never occur.”

Im Ju Hwan is now working to review a various scenario to decide his next work after “Shine or Go Crazy’ ended. He is looking forward to show you through act of any challenging role to stick a strong sense of duty as performer.

Who is actor Im Ju Hwan?

Im Ju Hwan was born in 1982 and debuted as an actor in 2004 SBS drama ‘Magic’.

Since then he built an acting appearance through many works in KBS ‘A Love to Kill’ (2005), ‘The Snow Queen’ (2006), and movies ‘A Millionare First Love’ (2006), ‘A Frozen Flower’ (2008).

After then he taking a lead role in MBC drama ‘Tamra The Island’ (2009) and SBS ‘Ugly Alert’ (2013), especially in ‘Ugly Alert’, it was definite momentum to catch public attention. That same year, he won the ‘New Star’ awards in SBS Drama Award. In recently ended drama MBC ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ he take role of Wang Wuk who loved Sin Yeol (Oh Yeon Seo).

Actor with superior ratio of 186 cm and distinct figure, had a lot of activities as model and appearance in some clothes, beverages and electronic product CF.

Article origin ajunews


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