[Trans] ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ Im Ju Hwan, Crave To Act (Interview) April 25th 2015

“Heavenly Actor”

Im Ju Hwan’s story revealed how quite affectionate and passionate he is for acting since the day he start his high school theatre activity until he is now an actor. He was able to get a glimpse of the efforts between an attitude to maintain works and an immerse sincerity. Im Ju Hwan met bntnews hankyong dotcom after his recent drama MBC ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ ended. In that drama, Im Ju Hwan act as Wang Wuk, the best Goryeo elite prince which has an excellent martial art skills, a brightest brain with outstanding appearance. With this good qualification Wang Wuk has, Im Ju Hwan was placing the pressure off out of compassion.

“Wang Wuk is particularly remembered and didn’t have much to fit in. The martial art (compare to) Wang So, the brain (compare to) Princess Yeo Won. Also, when I start shooting ‘Shine or Go Crazy’, it just after I finishing ‘The Technicians’ which I have to be tanned for the movie. The best line of this character, not only the body strength but the face altogether. Later, my skin condition seriously not coming back. It’s such a trouble and burden while you have to play a good looking character.”

Wang Wuk (Im Ju Hwan) was a lonely figure. His older sister Princess Yeo Won (Honey Lee) wants the throne for him, made a conflict with his half-brother Wang So. Also not having smooth part of love. It had to be heart broken looking at Shin Yeol (Oh Yeon Seo) liking Wang So (Jang Hyuk).

“Wang Wuk is unfortunate and lonely. There’s no one let me or approach me first. So I try not to be shaken when shooting at some situation. I try not to absorb the pleasant thing and many ad-libs I heard whenever I shoot with Sang Dan people (Heo Jeong Min, An Gil Gang, Kim Seon Yeong, and etc). Because Wang Wuk’s character is different complex.”

Camera inside or out, I felt sure how immerse Im Ju Hwan about Wang Wuk. He committed for every character in each work but especially in ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ it has different meaning to Im Ju Hwan.

“Acting for 10 years, for the first time I completed work in two digits rating, it’s ‘Shine or Go Crazy’. In the midst of the drama it had low double-digits rating but not when finished. Through ‘Shine or Go Crazy’, I heard my mind says “Once you’re trying finally (you have) two-digits drama”.”

It was surprising. It was since ‘Ugly Alert’. So far, Im Ju Hwan had appear in project that his image received much love from the viewers. Then he says amazingly, “The first two-digits rating”. Regarding this, Im Ju Hwan referring to Honey Lee and revealed a heart-warming story.

“Talk about ratings with (Lee) Honey is so amazing. In that sense she says “Oppa’s act is way better than this one thing. Rating is dull; it didn’t make your act, it didn’t make you a lead actor”. It was no better compliment for me. I like to say again “I walk fine and settle in this way”.

Im Ju Hwan came to the viewers step by step,  from a bit part of supporting cast to a lead cast. There have been a moment of distress as an actor (recognition) for 10 years. He confessed he never worried about position.

“I think, as an actor existence and recognition is uncertain. Even after 10 years of activity (there’s time) when I think “Am I have no talent for acting”. Yet I never received award officially related to act. It doesn’t matter for actor, getting (or) not getting award but I think it is literally necessary receiving prize from official place.”

About his condition now Im Ju Hwan said “Now get that status”. Look forward to the show that has many different faces of Im Ju Hwan as an actor. It’s time to melt himself so well in works either it’s modern, sageuk, romcom or other. Also, through a variety of role in each work, he showed a different look and a different ways to expressing (the role) even in a same drama genre.

“Acting is a good job. A variety of role, (a variety of) times, but I don’t want that I can acting well only in a such situation. I feel an achievement when people questions “Im Ju Hwan can do this?” and I already done the act. So now I strongly don’t want to stuck on one image.”

Lets talk about making image presentation at the time, “Boyish-image complex” he said. He poured out difficulties at his looks when he want to exposed an act for a strong and twist character.

“I like to do a unique villain. Just like ‘The Chaser’ Ha Jeong Wu sunbaenim, you can look and feel who is called the villain. Also, acting in such a romance like actor Lee Sang Min sunbaenim and Ha Jeong Wu sunbaenim. And once again I want to work with Ryu Seong Su sunbaenim.”

It showed a suprising figures of Im Ju Hwan who has a gentle impression but wants to do more violent character. Impressive visual appearance, focused in ambition as an actor and dreaming for a romcom with an actress. Shows a wide range of acting across mini screen, he try to yearning and among other thing, as soon as one day he will meet the strong male character.

Article origin bntNews


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