[Trans] Han Sang Jin – Im Ju Hwan “I am A Film Director” Cast Confirmed…Director Actor Encounters

Actor Han Sang Jin and Im Ju Hwan made this short film challenge.

At May 1st, Blossom Entertainment Agency stated “Han Sang Jin and Im Ju Hwan had confirmed their appearance in CGV ‘I am A Film Director’.”

‘I am A Film Director’ is one of a short film making program in which actors who’s in charge of directing as a director has no experience of filmmaking and along with a fellow actors take on the lead role.

Shown a variety of acting back and forth between wide screen and TV, Han Sang Jin took a total production (act and direct), while not a long ago Im Ju Hwan showed in recently ended MBC drama ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ and received a lot of love. Also with Lee Chae Young and Lee Da Hee, it should be filmed in Seattle, United States.

Han Sang Jin commented “This time we can feel whats in crew’s mind, something we didn’t feel when we work as an actor. I know this as an opportunity and I will try to complete this work.”

Meanwhile, ‘I am A Film Director’ will be broadcast every Thursday at 10pm for 4 weeks start from June 11th. Han Sang Jin’s short film ‘I am A Film Director’ will publish at the last part, capture a romance of a three, (a) man and (2) women.

Article origin bntNews

A very important reminder note, I mean question now is…, How can I watch it? It will publish on CGV, NOT on any TV station edit : CGV is a cable TV station? I wish I know how to reach it...edit : it’s at chcgv dot ko dot kr but I haven’t try to watch it live… 


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