[Trans] Korean Reality Show ‘I am A Film Director’ Shooting Up in Seattle (May 7th 2015)

A korean reality shows was made in Seattle as its topic starring famous actors such as Han Sang Jin and Im Ju Hwan.

Visit Seattle Tourism Manager Emily Cantrell said that a channel CGV’s new reality program “I am A Film Director’ proceeds shooting in Seattle.

Cantrell is supporting for shooting location for the South Korean cast and crew and said that her mother and her mother’s korean friends are so excited to know that.

Four A-list South Korean actors such as Im Ju Hwan, who received a lots of love in MBC drama ‘Shine or Go Crazy’, with Han Sang Jin, Lee Da Hee and Lee Chae Young are filming their first episodes in Seattle’s most iconic spots. They’re went to look the Space Needle, popular parks, and rocked out on a Ride The Duck tour.

‘I am A Film Director’ is a program making short film directed by an actor with no experience in directing along with his fellow actors taking the lead role.

However, something happening to the cast and crew shortly after they arrived in Seattle. Lee Chae Young lost her wallet and all her credit card at SeaTac airport and the cast member accidentally elbow her right in the eye on the airport shuttle ride and said she’s looking for a hospital.

KOMO-TV reported that reality show is becoming very popular in South Korea and viewing in Japan too.

This program production reportedly supported by Delta, which is make a non-stop flying route from South Korea since last year. It’s found that tourism in Seattle from Korea is increased up to 36 percent from 2013 and in between 2014.

‘I am A Film Director’ will broadcast in CGV channel at 10 every Thursday night starts from June 11 for 4 weeks and contains observation from veteran actor film director.

Article origin JoySeattle


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