Re-Blog – ‘Oh My Ghost’ Adds Im Joo Hwan, Kwak Si Young, and Park Jung Ah to the Already Awesome Cast

By OC Koala

YES! I don’t know who to thank for this casting perfection but you have my deepest gratitude. Upcoming tvN drama Oh My Ghost finished casting this week with quite a flourish, rounding out the cast not with big flashy names but with genuine talent that is a pleasure to watch onscreen. That’s the opinion for me at least, but honestly this cast is hard to argue as untalented.

Joining already signed on Park Bo Young, Jo Jung Seok, and Kim Seul Gi are two actors firmly in my to-watch column – Im Joo Hwan ditched the dreadful locks of Shine or Go Crazy behind to romance Park Bo Young as the second male lead, while rising young actor Kwak Si Yang (recently the male lead of Persevere Gu Hae Ra) gets a supporting role but my money is on it being memorable even with less screen time. Love both dudes, all in all this drama is on the money with the casting already, now the pressure is on not to screw up the writing or directing.

There was another quiet addition to this drama in addition to Im Joo Hwan and Kwak Si Yang, former girl group Jewelry member turned actress Park Jung Ah is also confirmed for the drama. If Park Bo Young is the cute style and Kim Seul Gi owns the quirky charm, then Park Jung Ah will clearly bring the va-va-voom to the proceedings. I’m already squeeing over all the hilarious hijinks to come as Kim Seul Gi’s man-crazy female ghost possesses the body of guy shy Park Bo Young.

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