What’s Up BTS #2 Video – Im JuHwan Kim JiWon Cut

Okay, I spent my evening to make this cut. It takes time to process it because it’s from 20GB size video file so…

From this BTS video, I can see how caring Ju Hwan towards his colleague, in this cut is toward Kim Ji Won. They are 10 years apart so I think it’s very natural. They looks adorably cute together 😉

Enjoy it! 🙂


4 thoughts on “What’s Up BTS #2 Video – Im JuHwan Kim JiWon Cut

  1. I love what’s up too, and especially I still can’t get to move on from jiwon-juhwan, altough I lil bit love jiwon-minho(shinee) but, still this couple is the best. But, unfortunately I can’t find the english subtitle from episode 8 until ending. Can you tell me where the download link come from? I’m really frustased bcs I don’t know what they talk at that episodes :” so poor. My mistake, who just know this drama at this year :”

      1. thank you so much, i’ll try that. but, honestly i had all the episodes but i cant find the english subtitle from episode 11 until 20 :”
        Ps : ah, you are? kk do you know if im joo hwan have a new project drama with Kim woobin? kk thats will better if women’s lead role is Jiwon, right? they can have a reunion too kkk

      2. Aah.., you mean english subs? I found one from darksmurfsub site but they are horrible subs. Still I downloaded it to make my own by editing it line by line.

        P.s. : I knew but I’m glad it’s not JiWon becoz she’s not going to be ended with JuHwan but WooBin. That’s gonna ruin my hope and vision to see them reunited as a couple again in drama.
        JaeHeon ❤️ TaeYi forever 🙂

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