Song Joong Ki, Jo In Sung, and Im Joo Hwan Cheer on Lee Kwang Soo on “Running Man”

by kokoberry at soompi

Im Ju Hwan, Jo In Seong, Song Jeong Ki

More details and preview stills of Song Joong Ki, Jo In Sung, and Im Joo Hwan’s surprise appearance on the upcoming episode of SBS’s “Running Man” have been revealed. The trio stun the cast when they appear during the opening portion of the show.

The “Running Man” cast hurriedly take out their cellphones in order to take selfies with the actors leading to an exciting and fun opening. The handsome actors who are known to be close friends with cast member Lee Kwang Soo showed up to support him. They brush off dust from his clothes, feed him snacks, and shower him with comical affection.

Jo In Sung explains their sudden appearance and shares, “[We] came to support Kwang Soo and to greet everyone.”

Song Joong Ki comments, “While I was in the army I thought often about ‘Running Man.’ I missed it. I wanted to come at least one more time.” He continues, “In Sung hyung doesn’t have a lot of work these days. So we all came together.” His comment flusters Jo In Sung and leads to more laughs.

Im Joo Hwan says, “I’m happy to greet everyone after a long time.”

You can see more of their surprise appearance when the upcoming episode airs on June 14 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

Source soompi


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