[Trans] ‘Oh My Ghostess’ Park Bo Young – Jo Jeong Seok – Im Ju Hwan – Kim Seul Gi, 4 of 4 Attractive Colors Character Poster

Oh My Ghostess starring Park Bo Young, Jo Jeong Seok, Im Ju Hwan, Kim Seul Gi unveiled it’s character poster.

Before its first broadcast on July 3rd, tvN’s Fri-Sat drama ‘Oh My Ghostess’ released character poster which caused the utmost curiosity.

Their 4 main actors, Park Bo Young, Jo Jeong Seok, Im Ju Hwan, Kim Seul Gi’s interesting acting expression and phrase, captivate the attention so far.

First, shy kitchen assistant Park Bo Young (Na Bong Seon) surprised look with suggestive of possession phrase “I think someone else live inside me”. Jo Jeong Seok (Kang Seon Wu) regal posed with phrase “Why you should bluff with saying you’re a fancy and neat girl?” that nut-star chef has notice the change.

And such a mysterious mood of a good and handsome police Im Ju Hwan (Choi Seong Jae) with meaningful phrase “The human nature, what’s good? What’s evil?”

And the last, Kim Seul Gi nice lustful virgin ghost ‘Sin Sun Ae’ translucent bodies and allusive pose with questioning phrase “Why the hell I’m dead?”.

If the individual poster contains each personality character, the eye-catching collective character poster implies a dense relationship of 4 of them in drama.

Holding the shoulder of her unrequited-love, Jo Jeong Seok, Park Bo Young seemed to be possessed and controlled by lustful virgin ghost, Kim Seul Gi who attached by her side. Slightly away from their relationship with subtle expression of wait and see, Im Ju Hwan appearance can enhance the way this relationship works and draw more attention.

Meanwhile, ‘Oh My Ghostess’ will unfold the freshness of romance between shy kitchen assistant Na Bong Seon who possessed by lustful virgin ghost and nut star chef Kang Seon Wu. Park Bo Young, Jo Jeong seok, Im Ju Hwan, Kim seul Gi, Park Jeong Ah and charming actors cast with ‘High School King of Savvy’ team, director Yu Je Won and writer Yang Hui Seung, after a year of preparation, once again attracted a lot of attention. Coming on July 3rd, it will be broadcast on Friday, Saturday starting at 8.30 pm.

Source starnnews


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