Oh My Ghostess Episode 2 – Im Ju Hwan Cut

Even though you only have 5 minutes less screen time, I think it just because they try to reveal the back story smoothly. Not just like…, well I better not mention it.

Oh My Ghostess 2cOh My Ghostess 2d

But, I can guess that there’s a love triangle between Sun Ae, Seong Jae and Eun Hee (now his wife) when Sun Ae was alive. Who’s the one that Seong Jae really love, Sun Ae or Eun Hee because he keeps coming to her restaurant even now Sun Ae was gone.

And does all people who know Sun Ae not acknowledge about her death? Was she just disappear? Maybe that’s why her soul still wander on earth. And I admit, I like when Sun Ae appear on my screen. She made a lively scene 😀

Oh My Ghostess 2eOh My Ghostess 2fOh My Ghostess 2g

Here’s the video. I’m sorry about the quality. Aside of the file size, I did it because some of my edited video work (and not bookmarked) had been uploaded by others on their page, without notice. So if they wanna do it again, just do it… I don’t mind 🙂


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