Oh My Ghostess Ep 5 – Im Ju Hwan Cut

Oh My Ghost 05d

I’m BACK! 😀

No matter how little your screen time in this drama, just keep smiling. Let’s just say, it’s not about the screen time but it’s about how noticeable your role. (Just trying to be positive here 😀 ). At least, naver search prove it.


Some say, your role is being possesed by evil spirit, some say he’s just a psycho. And, you playing with saying that even yourself don’t know where your character going to be.

But I’m really pleased because finally, you got the real psycho-mysteriously-complicated character.

When you being warm and considered person.

Oh My Ghost 05a Oh My Ghost 05b

When you’re just a cold-hearted psycho.

Oh My Ghost 05c Oh My Ghost 05e

Two-faces Officer Choi Seong Jae.

Oh My Ghost 05i

Here’s the video cut


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