Oh My Ghostess Ep 6 – Im Ju Hwan Cut

Oh My Ghost 06a

I wonder, when will they push the evil inside Choi Seong Jae to show off. Until this episode, they revealed his evil side when no one around. One thing for sure, Choi Seong Jae will be the most handsome psycho creepy villain for me 😀

When my handsome villain having a big question in his mind…

Oh My Ghost 06b Oh My Ghost 06c

When he’s back being ‘nice’. His smile.., cannot believe he has a ‘dark’ side…

Oh My Ghost 06d Oh My Ghost 06e

And, this is when he knew ‘something’…

Oh My Ghost 06f Oh My Ghost 06g

He did it again.., those un-expected act.., just like in Tamra. Watch it in this video below.


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