Oh My Ghostess Ep 8 – Im Ju Hwan Cut

Oh My Ghost 08d

I think the angst slowly coming. For Choi Seong Jae side, I think he’s been cornered by everyone related to him whom bringing up his wife hit-and-run accident. Even the shaman felt intimidate by him.

Oh My Ghostess 08a-vert

When he’s with his brother-in-law, how creepy his smile…

Oh My Ghost 08b-vert

His expression when Eun Hee close friend talk about the right punishment for the one who did that accident.

Oh My Ghost 08m-vert

And he calmly scratch her car’s body after that… Seong Jae, aren’t you a law enforcement…?

Oh My Ghostess 08j-horza

And he didn’t look happy when his fellow officer tell him a ‘good news’ because he has a repaired version of the broken cctv record.

Oh My Ghost 08e-vert Oh My Ghost 08g-vert

But, I never expected this kind of reaction…

Oh My Ghost 08t-vert

Choi Seong Jae, how dangerous person are you?

Oh My Ghost 08j

Let’s watch the dark side of this handsome police officer…


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