Oh My Ghostess Ep10 – Im Ju Hwan Cut

Well, I think the PD spoil me at episode 9 with ten minutes screen time of Im Ju Hwan. In episode 10, they back normal again. But seriously, they not giving you much line, Ju Hwan ssi. They just count on and believe in your gesture and facial expression to perform act. But, he still manage to be in Daum top search this morning.

Oh My Ghost 10c

In this episode, they hint that Seong Jae are the one who responsible for Seon Ae death. And how he start to connect the dot between Bong Seon and Sun Ae.

Oh My Ghost 10a-vert

His expression like he just saw Sun Ae ghost when he overheard possessed Bong Seon sing the song that Sun Ae used to sang.

Oh My Ghost 10d-vert

When he reminisce what happen in the past. Aish, Ju Hwan ssi. You did give me a goosebump with your cold expression on that bathroom scene.

Oh My Ghost 10g-vert

He confident enough to kept his crime evident at his room. Maybe because he thinks that his crippled wife cannot reach it out.

Oh My Ghost 10k-tile

If you found yourself feel creepy when you saw him, you’re not alone. Even the corgi creeped out by him.

Oh My Ghost 10o-vert

I’m really curious what will be his next move, but for sure, possessed Bong Seon a.k.a Sun Ae now is in danger because he start to investigate her. I don’t know how can he know that Bong Seon live in the restaurant attic. From his looks, I think he finally realize something when he search her room.


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