Oh My Ghostess Ep11 – Im Ju Hwan Cut


Look at him. He looks like kid when he smile. His looks so innocent. Well, everybody being deceit by him for a very long time. Even Shin Sun Ae, while she alive or death. That poor soul. She fall for Kang Seon Wu so she hesitate to resolve ‘her virgin grudge’ because she wants to stay longer with him.


Look how sweet his smile when he just arrived after investigating Na Bong Seon place. His mother-in-law said he shouldn’t be so mild-mannered but his wife reply that’s what make her fall for him.


What they both don’t know is how scary he is when the evil spirit inside him pissed of for not knowing who’s the real Na Bong Seon. 😦


Clueless Sun Ae (possessed Bong Seon) looking for him because she doubt the fact that she died by suicide, something she never thought about; to end her life. Look at him, listening for his own crime.


I don’t know what his going to do next, especiacially after he holds Sun Ae’s diary. Aish, Seong Jae.., you creep me!


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