Oh My Ghostess Ep12 – Im Ju Hwan Cut

Oh My Ghost 12s

Gosh.., the evil spirit inside Seong Jae is really evil. Ju Hwan ssi, you really really do well delivering that creepy evil vibe with your acting.

Oh My Ghost 12q Oh My Ghost 12r

He picks up his colleague from hospital with a wide bright smile which suddenly fade off while his friends mentioned about the one who rob him.

Oh My Ghost 12a Oh My Ghost 12b

He tries to keep smile on his face when his wife ask about his wounded hand. What his wife doesn’t know is he wounded his hand himself after he fail to kill Na Bong Seon.

Oh My Ghost 12c Oh My Ghost 12g Oh My Ghost 12e Oh My Ghost 12f

And how he tried to rub off his evil form to his nice form after he’d been harsh to his wife who consist to check his wound.

Oh My Ghost 12n Oh My Ghost 12o Oh My Ghost 12p

After his attempt to kill Na Bong Seon failed for second time (thanks to Sun Ae), he did something awfully evil to some random guy. Luckily, Sun Ae is there to witness it without that evil spirit know it.


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