[Trans] – ‘Oh My Ghost’ PD “Im Ju Hwan’s Acting, Reminiscent of Jack Nicholson’s ‘Shining’ “

The reason why Im Ju Hwan cross the line between good and evil is because the devil. In the past, his adoptive parent started to ignore him after they got their own child, and they end the adoption after Im Ju Hwan tried to harm the baby. The evil spirit hover around Im Ju Hwan, who’s returned in an orphanage, after he suffered a rough and violence school years. Since then, the devil is often shown by blown-off an eerie black aura from Im Ju Hwan’s body. The viewers very curious is there any relation between Kim Seul Gi (Shin Sun Ae) death and Im Ju Hwan.

Oh My Ghost - Im Ju Hwan

In particular, a hot topic called ‘Re-discovery of Im Ju Hwan’ for the masterpiece of his acting ability showed in ‘Oh My Ghost’. Im Ju Hwan is “Rather than doing a big change from laugh to icy cold looks, he try to delivering distinguish change of certain feeling by making cold expression while smiling. Distressful character”. His acting secret including watching and studying ‘The Primal Fear’, ‘The Silence of The Lambs’ and ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’ before he start shooting the drama.

‘Oh My Ghost’ director, Yu Je Won PD said “Everytime I see Im Ju Hwan’ acting scene from good to cold instantly, it reminds me of Jack Nicholson in madness movie ‘Shining’ and add “Meanwhile the given existing image not shown enough, he keep up to fully express the ambivalent character of Seong Jae” he praised.

Meanwhile, at 8.30 pm August 14th, episode 13 will be broadcast which catch great attention because of Park Bo Young confession to Jo Jeong Seok about the reality will create a crisis in their relationship. In addition, the viewers expected the story of Kim Seul Gi who finally noticed the identity and the real face of Im Ju Hwan’s and start to find the truth behind her death will be drawn.

News origin OSEN


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