Oh My Ghostess Ep13 – Im Ju Hwan Cut

Am I get the feeling that PD doing ‘save the best for the last’ for you, Ju Hwan ssi? But if he don’t, I am okay too because he already praised your acting performance. Well, who would believe there’s an evil spirit inside this cutie.

Oh My Ghost 13k Oh My Ghost 13l

Finally, Seong Jae can figure out that Sun Ae was in Bong Seon’s body all this time. And how he disappointed when he knows that Sun Ae doesn’t possess Bong Seon anymore.

Oh My Ghost 13a Oh My Ghost 13e

He search her on her place but luckily, Sun Ae doesn’t come out because she’s busy talking to her father in the kitchen (of course her father doesn’t know that).

Oh My Ghost 13h Oh My Ghost 13g Oh My Ghost 13i

But he doesn’t give up, yet. Make a night meal for a reason, he visit Sun Ae’s father restaurant to search her, again. This time, lucky that Bong seon aware of his presence and keep hiding inside Sun Ae’s room.

Oh My Ghost 13n Oh My Ghost 13m

You are my most handsome and sweetest psycho villain, yet you can give me that shiver when you did your evilish act.

Oh My Ghost 13c

And I expected a lot of your scene on the next episode.


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