Oh My Ghostess Ep 14 – Im Ju Hwan Cut

Oh My Ghost 14e

Just look at the picture above. Im Ju Hwan seems like being possessed by Jack Nicholson (while playing Joker, if I recall). The way he laugh crazily… Sigh, Ju Hwan ssi.., no wonder Korean netizen said they rediscover you… Naver news ranking search prove it.

Im Ju Hwan Ranking News

And, I got that chill feeling when I watch this episode. That’s why, in this episode cut, I include many scenes which related to his story even he’s not there. I really don’t know what I have to write. Okay, just look at these screencaps below. Yeah, I think it represent my thought about this episode.

Oh My Ghost 14f Oh My Ghost 14g Oh My Ghost 14h

That’s the man Eun Hui fall in love to. That sweet, kind-hearted Seong Jae.

Oh My Ghost 14b Oh My Ghost 14c Oh My Ghost 14d Oh My Ghost 14j

He still looks sweet, doesn’t he? But, he doesn’t! He just hid the evil inside him!

Oh My Ghost 14k Oh My Ghost 14l Oh My Ghost 14m Oh My Ghost 14n

That evil gaze! The devil just showed itself! Damn scary, Ju Hwan ssi! Wonder what to be his next move on the next episode.

Oh My Ghost 14a Oh My Ghost 14o

God, Ju Hwan ssi.., you’re scarier in here than in The Technicians. My wish for you is you’ll get more great opportunity to show your acting talent. You deserve it!


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