Oh My Ghostess Ep 15 – Im Ju Hwan Cut

Oh My Ghost 15.4

Choi Seong Jae. You’re the villain but look, I cried watch this scene. How could you? That’s why… I am very very very lousy when it comes to write out my thought.., plus seeing that scene in the end…, how can I write something about this episode? 😦

But I am not alone. According to naver and daum search news, many viewers curious for what happens to Seong Jae. And they applaud Im Ju Hwan for his outstanding acting skill. There.., that mades me calmer. Okay let’s start from the beginning.

The evil spirit inside Seong Jae very angry when Sun Ae told him that he’ll pay for his wrong doing and try to strangle her but luckily, Sun Ae is a ghost! And, she made to run away from that evil spirit!

Oh My Ghost 15b Oh My Ghost 15c

And, we brought back in the past, 3 years ago when Seong Jae meet again with his ex-adoptive father. Even he try to be polite by still call him father, but his adoptive father coldly tell him to avoid to meet again in the future because it’s bothersome to see him. Sigh.., he still ignorant to him even many years had passed.

Oh My Ghost 15d Oh My Ghost 15e

The sad Seong Jae driving with tears made him not fully take attention to the road and hit Eun Hee. But.., that’s the right time for evil spirit to control him! He fled and coldly run over her feet. The look on Seong Jae face when he’s being himself and when he’s being controlled by evil spirit!

Oh My Ghost 15f-vert

Bad for Sun Ae for witnessing those scene and for calling him as the first person she can come up with! Poor Sun Ae…

Oh My Ghost 15h

She tried to runaway but failed. Seong Jae brought her to his house, dive her into the bathtub, coldly till she die and dump her body to the river.

Oh My Ghost 15i Oh My Ghost 15j-vert

Back to the present, Seong Jae who furiously search for Sun Ae’s spirit bump into her father to get the fact that Bong Seon is in his house.

Oh My Ghost 15o

He kidnap her and bring her to his old orphanage. You know, Seong Jae, actually you’re so cool while you’re being you (when he play with other kids and talk to the orphanage lady). Why sometimes you’re letting that evil spirit to control your life?

Oh My Ghost 15p Oh My Ghost 15q Oh My Ghost 15r Oh My Ghost 15s Oh My Ghost 15t Oh My Ghost 15u

But, I can see that he really sincere with his feeling for his wife. It shows when he phoned her and she told him that she believes that he’s a good person. Yes, he care for her, I mean real Seong Jae care for her.

Oh My Ghost 15-vert

Because of good team work from Bong Seon, Seon Wu, SeohBingO and Sun Ae, finally Bong Seon can escape from him. While Bong Seon be with Seon Wu, SeohBingO and Sun Ae keep tracking him and finally fight him, to destroy the evil spirit inside him.

Oh My Ghost 15v

When SeohBingO can make the evil spirit get out from Seong Jae’s body, the real Seong Jae track back the happy moment he spent with his wife and with Sun Ae and made him remorseful for what he done while being controlled by evil spirit. That’s enough for him to fight with the evil spirit that goes back into his body. He doesn’t want to be controlled, again! That’s when he decide…

Oh My Ghost 15x-vert Oh My Ghost 15-vert1

Ju Hwan ssi…, the complex emotion you show in the last scene was truly impressive! Good job, Ju Hwan ssi! I know you can do it! Im Ju Hwan, 홧팅!


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