[Trans] – Im Ju Hwan ‘Oh My Ghost’ Ending Thoughts “It Works Like Oasis”

Actor Im Ju Hwan conveys ‘Oh My Ghost’ ending thoughts.

tvN Fri-Sat drama ‘Oh My Ghost’ episode 16 as the end of its brodcast aired at Aug 22. Im Ju Hwan received high praised for his masterpiece of acting skill, which can express  a good and an evil but at the same time delivered the pain (of his character).

Im Ju Hwan appeared as Choi Seong Jae, a good police officer in the beginning, start to breaking a law in the middle and turn to be evil at the end.

Then revealed that Im Ju Hwan turn to be evil at the end because he possessed by evil spirit. Upon learning this, Im Ju Hwan tried to commit suicide just to get rid of the evil spirit.

But finally, Im Ju Hwan somehow survive and the evil spirit now disappear. He cannot remember the past but start a new life with his wife who’s not left him.

Im Ju Hwan said “Personally, I was greedy for the villain (role), especially the attractive ending for the villain in this drama. It was a role which has no choice to show the good or the evil inside him. It’s like an oasis of my projects.”

“It was a happy time, with best crew, and the whole pleasant shooting with all actors, with many love you send for us. I am sincerely grateful.” he ended his thought.

Article Origin XSportNews


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