[Trans] – ‘Oh My Ghost’ Park Bo Young Im Ju Hwan, Satisfactory of Dual Role

Actor Park Bo Young and Im Ju Hwan who caused ‘Oh My Ghost’ syndrome.

At Aug 22, the final episode (episode 16) of cable Fri-Sat drama tvN ‘Oh My Ghost’ (writer Yang Hui Seung, director Yu Je Won) was aired.

Drama ‘Oh My Ghost’ told a romantic comedy story between virgin ghost Sin Sun Ae (Kim Seul Gi) who possessed kitchen assistant Na Bong Seon (Park Bo Young) and fancy star chef Kang Seon Wu (Jo Jeong Seok). With adding a thriller and some supernatural material, it recorded 7,9% to 8% average viewership rating, which cause ‘Oh My Ghost’ syndrome. (Nielsen Korea for pay channel).

As drama main material is ‘a possession by spirit’, the lustful ghost possess a ‘timid maid’ Na bong Seon and evil spirit possess a ‘good cop’ Choi Seong Jae, lead to the major story development. Above all lenient and shyness, cross the good and evil, Park Bo Young and Im Ju Hwan expanding acting as double role from different genre revealed as great contributor for ‘Oh My Ghost’ high ratings.

Park Bo Young playing Na Bong Seon, a kitchen assistant who has passion for cooking more than anyone, but living as sweet and timid person who always says ‘I’m sorry’. But changed 180 degree when she being possess by lustful virgin ghost Sin Sun Ae, who without hesitation says ‘Let’s do it, just once’ to a man in a provocative ways.

Park Bo Young can do difference performance so well, she can be so freely when she’s being possessed by ghost and back be so shy when she’s not. And she still can do it so lovely without making the viewers felt uncomfortable when she’s being so provocative.

With this entirely different look and attitude when being Na Bong Seon or when being possessed by Sin Sun Ae, Park Bo Young doing a good job by engage in the role they gave to her and still being fun.

Also  we could not ignore the presence of Choi Seong Jae played by Im Ju Hwan. Despite not having much screen time, because of so much attention of Park Bo Young double role. In particular, Im Ju Hwan become a mysterious figures who creates a suspense in between a loving romance atmosphere from Park Bo Young and Jo Jeong Seok.

Choi Seong Jae, as a victim of emotional abuse of his adoptive parents in the past, possessed by evil spirit at his time of sorrow, stained with evil and weaken all the goodness he has. At the end, after he realized his life was shaken by the evil spirit, he choose to end his life by jump off the building.

Im Ju Hwan create the drama suspense with his perfect acting absorb in Choi Seong Jae’s character and his conflict when he’s being himself or when being possessed. Im Ju Hwan’s breathtaking acting performance is when he express the good and evil only with his eyes and the crudeness itself without dialog.

With this, Park Bo Young and Im Ju Hwan been successfully being the two central figure of this drama. They break their previous image as ‘pure’ and ‘good’ by taking challenges to take this role and still can make a well-made drama.

Article Origin TV Daily


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