[Trans] ‘Oh My Ghost’ Kim Seul Gi “Im Ju Hwan, There’s Profound and Mysterious Charm, Both Good and Cold”

*Just to decide whats the right translation of the title, I go back and fourt about 10 minutes. LOL, how lousy I am!*

‘Oh My Ghost’ Kim Seul Gi praised Im Ju Hwan’s acting ability, which is receive critical acclaim for his performance, as a cross between good and evil.

Kim Seul Gi mention in her interview with TV Daily at Aug 27, about the perfect harmony with Im Ju Hwan in tvN Fri-Sat Drama ‘Oh My Ghost’ (writer Yang Hee Seung, PD Yu Je Won).

‘Rediscovery of Im Ju Hwan’ is a received acclaim for Im Ju Hwan, who is play wonderfully as an ambivalent character, Choi Seong Jae, which is seen as a police officer with a good-natured smile but can be so evil while being possessed.

Thus Kim Seul Gi says about Im Ju Hwan acting when being possessed by evil-spirit, “(I have a) good impression (of Im Ju Hwan). But when he’s acting, he is a really scary man”, and she said “The role that goes beyond good and evil really goes well and once I talk to the Director, ‘It’s really a good thing to casting Im Ju Hwan oppa’.”

Then Kim Seul Gi said “There are profound charm Im Ju Hwan has” (she) continues “A good-feeling together with a cold-feeling both exist at the same time which make him did a good job played this role, better than anyone.” she praised.

Also, Kim Seul Gi open up about the scariest moment while filming is when Im Ju Hwan try to bent her. She said, “(Im Ju Hwan) oppa physical strength is not easy to adjust.” She told “So, in advance, we facing each other and he say “(You) cannot adjust my strength’ and try to acknowledge that it’s just an acting.”

Then Kim Seul Gi adds “So, as when Im Ju Hwan possessed by evil spirit and try to strangle or dive me into the water with enormous concentration, that’s when I’m really scared” and she aroused laughter by saying “But after filming ended, he treat me very well.”

Source TV Daily


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