[Trans] Excerpt : Best of The Week – Officer Choi of Oh My Ghost (edit : COMPLETE)

tvN Oh My Ghost (aired Aug 21)

Oh My Ghost episode 15 was totally Im Ju Hwan’s. Freed from evil spirit at the end after a long time struggling and felt guilty about the past, he jump off from the top of a building. The ending scene when Officer Choi jump off from the building give Oh My Ghost highest rating for a minute. A sigh just before he threw himself from the building create a sad and beautiful scene.

It was extraordinary that only with his eyes alone, Im Ju Hwan beautifully expressed the good and the devil (side) of Officer Choi. It was artwork. Exaggerating a little, Im Ju Hwan acting life will be divided as before and after (Oh My Ghost). For, (Oh My Ghost) second half was Im Ju Hwan drama. Officer Choi and Kang Eun Hui (Sin Hye Seon) relationship was a perpetrator and a victim of hit-and-run case. Officer Choi and Sin Sun Ae (Kim Seul Gi) relation was the prepetrator and the murder victim, and Officer Choi and Na Bong Seon (Park Bo Young) was as a mediate for Sin Sun Ae to solved the conflict.

Officer Choi personal story is piling up and work towards the end, without push aside Na Bong Seon – Kang Seon Wu (Jo Jeong Seok) loveline. While it was a merit for Im Ju Hwan as a model-turn-actor; his skinny body, white clean face and boyish smile. Rather than abandon that merit, Im Ju Hwan maximize it to create an eerie evil spirit till the end. The delightful Officer Choi – ripe his smile while throwing a beverage bottle to the car windshield, the moment when he changing his face was the moment (Oh My Ghost) discovering most shining gems.

Im Ju Hwan is far from typical handsome model-turn-actor. Briefly act as a tough  but tolerable handsome man in (Tamra The Island), Im Ju Hwan got a nickname as ‘Ju Hwan God’ with his appearance with white hanbok (Jo Seon era) clothes and hat, but still could not get easily leave his ‘Pretty Boy’ title. Working on (Oh My Ghost) is not his first time trying to be recognize only by his acting skills. Literally, (his) life drama. The guilt he expressed with his whole body will be forever remain in viewer’s mind. Before this memory blurred, the day I cannot wait is the day when I can meet, as soon as possible, actor Im Ju Hwan next project.

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