Im Ju Hwan on Running Man Ep266 ‘ChuSeok Special’


It’s the second time Im Ju Hwan appears on Running Man. This time with Eun Hyuk Suju and singer Hong Jin Yeong. I am not Running Man fans but for him, I watch it. And as naive as I am, I thought Running Man is unscripted show. But, after watch Im Ju Hwan on episode 192, I just knew it wasn’t. It scripted and some scene are staged (I knew exactly one scene). Believe it or not.

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[Trans] Excerpt of Im Ju Hwan Part – Jo Jeong Seok Interview

*Because Im Ju Hwan strangely has no interview after Oh My Ghost ended, I only can give you what other cast said about him in their interview. It’s quite sad, actually, to the fact that he did an extraordinary act.*

Q : “All the character have beautifully growth” It was pretty impressive. (How about) Im Ju Hwan? Im Ju Hwan was a terrific villain.

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This is The Moment 지금 이순간 , Im Ju Hwan

This is the moment, Ju Hwan ssi. The moment you’ve been waiting since 2004. The moment when many people, finally, recognized you as an actor. The moment when your hope, wish and dream you’d been state before come true. Let’s get some throwback.

“I just don’t want to become an ‘actor’, I want to become an actor that gains many people’s recognition. When I say this again in the future, I will not be embarrassed. I have a lot of curiosity towards different situations and people. I think an actor is like a ‘sculptor’. Whatever kind of detailed expression, they must be able to skillfully and easily express it. I never once regretted walking on the path as an actor. The new challenges that will come with acting are only starting now.”

Source cookingdramas

And, you did it! The proofs, you managed to be trending twitter on South Korea at Aug 21 2015. That’s MANY, Im Ju Hwan ssi!

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ReBlog – ‘Oh My Ghostess’ Actor Im Ju Hwan’s Throwback Photo, ‘Born Handsome’

While ‘Oh My Ghostess’ actor Im Joo-hwan is a favorite topic among drama fans, his school day photo is drawing attention.

One of his school day photos from his yearbook once was posted online under the caption, ‘Im Joo-hwan’s grad photo’.

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