Im Ju Hwan – What’s Up BTS Interview Screencap


I don’t know why Im Ju Hwan have no interview, none, zero, after Oh My Ghost ended. Not even ONE!

Maybe, he’s to busy to catch up with other actors who already filming “Because I Love You’, his next movie project with actor Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Yu Jeong.

This movie start filming at the end of July, so yeah…

I think he has a lot of shooting schedule even he’s not the main actor.

But still.., I need his new picture. 제발, 임주환 정말 그립다 😦

And, of course what I wrote is not what Im Ju Hwan said in the interview! 😀

I am just amazed with his hand gesture while doing interview. He’s such a cutie, cutie 아저씨 🙂

And.., then.., Im Ju Hwan say “Do you miss me?. Come, I am here”. 😀 😀 😀 (only in my imagination)


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