[Trans] Excerpt of Im Ju Hwan Part – Jo Jeong Seok Interview

*Because Im Ju Hwan strangely has no interview after Oh My Ghost ended, I only can give you what other cast said about him in their interview. It’s quite sad, actually, to the fact that he did an extraordinary act.*

Q : “All the character have beautifully growth” It was pretty impressive. (How about) Im Ju Hwan? Im Ju Hwan was a terrific villain.

Jo Jeong Seok : Officer Choi (Im Ju Hwan) repented his sins in the last (episode). But, of course it was painful (when he) attempt to suicide. The best villain being seen recently. Ju Hwan is the one who achieved it. (He’s) very good but as a friends, I worried to much (about him). (He was) doing a lot of research (work). (But) the results of distress was very good. Officer Choi was a character made by the writer-nim, but if it’s not (because) Ju Hwan acting ability how it could lead episode 15  to breathing (breathing in my perception is alive or so believable). I am glad that through this drama, Ju Hwan charm attract many viewers to know more about (him).

Source tenasia 


3 thoughts on “[Trans] Excerpt of Im Ju Hwan Part – Jo Jeong Seok Interview

  1. ellie

    i’m agree, i watch since ep 1, Sung Jae party only about around 10 minutes duration, but in ep 13-15 in only 2 episode he success make a memorable scene with his acting, if u ask many viewer, what is the most memorable scene u remember in this drama, most of them will answer last scene in ep 15

    1. I’m happy that finally, he met a PD that believe in Ju Hwan and can mold Ju Hwan’s acting ability beautifully. You should see how many views of episode 15 ending scene on naver tv cast. It hit more than 400.000 views.

      1. boo

        oh really ?? i don’t know cuz all article is in hangul. but that scene was really awesome, from ep 1-13 i only focus with jo jung sung cuz he’s the main actor, but to the rest i cannot take my eyes from im joo hwan

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