Im Ju Hwan on Running Man Ep266 ‘ChuSeok Special’


It’s the second time Im Ju Hwan appears on Running Man. This time with Eun Hyuk Suju and singer Hong Jin Yeong. I am not Running Man fans but for him, I watch it. And as naive as I am, I thought Running Man is unscripted show. But, after watch Im Ju Hwan on episode 192, I just knew it wasn’t. It scripted and some scene are staged (I knew exactly one scene). Believe it or not.

Anyway, even though it’s scripted, I believe some of its guests’s reaction were genuine, especially the first timer. And the friendship of its casts, too.

For this Chuseok Special episode, there were race to win some gifts content with various goods that usually needed most when they celebrating Chuseok. But for the climax, the PD made some twist. They made a secret mission for Jae Suk, Kwang Su and Ju Hwan to steal all the gifts just for the three of them. And of course, the bad intention will always failed in the end because it’s Chuseok. 😀

With the video of Im Ju Hwan cut, here’s his various genuine expressions. From defeated to ousted 😀



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