What’s Up? Behind The Scene – Lim JuHwan Part


I know it’s gonna be hard time to make a new post here because.., JuHwan has no project to be released soon. It will be a long waiting until next year. And, it’s becoming my habit.., to go back re-watch my most favourite drama of him, ‘What’s Up?‘.

It’s bring me to decide to share behind the scene of What’s Up?. Well of course, only his part, only its fun part, many Jae Heon and Tae Yi moment. They’re so cute. By 10 years age gap, I can see how mature JuHwan and how cutie Ji Won. For the note, JuHwan was Ji Won first kiss! *sweeet* She stated it in one of her interview after The Heirs. You can search it to confirm it, but I can see it in this BTS how nervous she was when it comes to their kiss scene. But I’m sorry I didn’t make that cut. 😀

Oops, my bad! The kiss scene is on second part! Okay, this is the first part.

What’s Up? Behind The Scene Part 1


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