[Trans] Lim Ju Hwan side, ‘Carelessly Fondly’ Appearance? Review Process

Carelessly Fondly Lim Ju Hwan 1

Lim Ju Hwan will meet Kim Wu Bin and Suzy in ‘Carelessly Fondly’?

Actor Lim Ju Hwan (33) is considering a new drama ‘Carelessly Fondly’. At Oct 27th afternoon Lim Ju Hwan official agency Blossom Entertainment said to TheFact, ‘Lim Ju Hwan has been reviewing the offer to appear in ‘Carelessly Fondly’. It’s not fully confirmed, yet” they add.

Lim Ju Hwan reportedly offered role as Director Choi Ji Tae, a perfect “Mother’s Friend Son” in ‘Carelessly Fondly’. This role playing as Kim Wu Bin’s character rival.

“Carelessly Fondly’ tell the story about two people whose heartbreakingly parted when they were young. They meet again when one’s turn to be a ‘Super-Haughty’ snob superstar and the other is a “Super-Low’ complaisant PD of a documentary program involving superstars and then both drawn into a fondly romance. Kim Wu Bin and Suzy as leading role is highly anticipated.

Meanwhile, ‘Carelessly Fondly’ is to be organized by KBS.

Source TheFact


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