Breaking News! Lim Ju Hwan Official Instagram Account Now Un-Private!

Instagram 1st JuHwan

Yesss! Finally, Lim Ju Hwan is back to social media. Not twitter though, but yes he has a twitter account (@Limjuhwan). He create an instagram account but lock it as private account! BUT, today.., he opens it! Yep.., now all his fans can follow him easily.

Don’t worry. It’s his REAL account. He made his first post at July 16, 2015 and today he update his IG. And you can see from his follower, his 25 first follower. There’s Oh Yeon Seo, Kim Yu Jeong, Kim Ki Bang, Lee Kwang Su and many of his fellow artist. Happy following ^^

Note : Lim Ju Hwan social accounts are mini hompie, Twitter (@Limjuhwan) and Instagram (@lim_juhwan). He DOES NOT have a FB (Facebook) account, DOES NOT have FB Official Fanpage and DOES NOT have an english fansite.

Instagram 2 JuHwan


ReBlog – ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ Kim Wu Bin, Suzy, Lim Ju Hwan and Lim Ju Eun

Kim Wu Bin, Suzy, Lim Ju Hwan and Lim Ju Eun are starring in the new KBS 2TV drama “Uncontrollably Fond”.

“Uncontrollably Fond” is a love story about a man and a woman who broke up on bad terms, running into each other again as a top star and documentary producer.

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