Lim Ju Hwan Most Favorite Pairing, Gong Jun Su – Na Do Hee of Ugly Alert

You all sure acknowledge about the polls in this blog. One of them is Most Favorite Pairing. The result is big win for Ugly Alert couple (over 70%), Gong Jun Su and Na Do Hee, or Lim Ju Hwan with Kang Sora.

Ugly Alert Couple 1

And for that, I ReBlog the post from my favorite tumblr blogger, cookingdramas, about her very personal thought about hers and our favorite pairing/couple.

Since the drama had ended, I never got around to posting my thoughts about joonhee couple because right away was exam time…

…so now that it’s over! I can fully spill out my feelings for my now  ♥forever otp ♥ in drama history!!!

Firstly, I’ll start off by saying that I’ve never ever invested so much time into one drama couple before. EVER!  

There was just something special to them when their story first came out. I was attracted to both of them right away.  My heart always raced when I saw them and everyday after watching them, my mood would get affected in one way. I would be feeling over the top if they had a sweet episode and all I’d do would be think about it over and over again. If they had a rough day, I would’ve as well. The time I remember the most they affected me was episode 115 when Do Hee told Joon Soo that she didn’t know if she could continue loving him. Then that dilemma dragged out for around a week or so…and I was depressed for a week or so. I even remember that time I was trying to study for a midterm and all I could think about was THEM xD…

Secondly, …for half a year…I had them to look forward to and it was what actually kept me going. A sort of motivation. They were truly a ‘healing-couple’ in that sense.

Thirdly, I learned photopshop to make nice fanart dedicated to them. I mastered gifs! I even learnt how to use video editing software to make mvs for them! Well, as much as it sounds useless, doing these sort of things actually made me feel less stressful…

And then, I think about this over and over again:

It’s rare (well for me) in dramas to see a couple meet, become friends, realize their true feelings, get together, date, and then marry. Perhaps because I am used to watching 20 episode dramas which don’t have that amount of time to allow for that. But even so, I feel that it was special to see that whole process being played out. I felt like I ‘reaped’ the rewards of my investment xD.

Of course, now there’s this feeling of emptiness as the drama is finished. However I believe that for me, this couple will always forever remain in my heart. I know I’m going to re-watch the drama and their scenes in particular, countless of times in the future. I’ll keep making fanart and videos dedicated to them for however long it may be. 

I might sound extreme, but I’m prepared to continue being dedicated towards these two.

As well, I was introduced to two amazing actors with so much potential. Kang Sora & Im Joo Hwan. In particular, I have officially become Im Joo Hwan’s fan after this!♥ (Well, I was already one when the drama started xD) 

To Gong Joon Soo and Na Do Hee, who will forever have a place in my heart~  ♥

Thank You.

Source cookingdramas

P.S.: My next post maybe just about a bunch of Ugly Alert couple picture, on-screen and off-screen. See ya 🙂


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