Lim Ju Hwan Japan Interview Photo Gallery

At October and November 2015, some Japanese site published an interview with Lim Ju Hwan, for promoting the DVD sales of ‘Shine or Go crazy’ in Japan. Yes, he’d promoting “Shine or Go Crazy’ for Japanese audience.

Japan Interview 1

This *mister pinky* of *casting blunder* and *maybe sageuk drama is not of his kind* who given *a useless role* of *annoying stalker* which *cannot properly hold a sword* and *no one love him even his own family* just giving his effort to promote it DVD sales.

Note : the green word with asterix is what some of the OTP’s fans given comments for Lim Ju Hwan part in this drama. And yes, I’ll never forget those words. I’m scorpio by the way 🙂

But, thank you. They gave me a useful tips to watch drama where your bias being the third wheel; just watch your bias part, don’t even bother about the whole story, and stay away from online K-Drama forum discussion, which occasionally being dominated by OTP’s fans.

These are the picture taken for his interview with Japanese magazine.

Japan Interview 2Japan Interview 3Japan Interview 5Japan Interview 6Japan Interview 7Japan Interview 8Japan Interview 9

P.S. All pictures credit are as tagged.


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