Lim Ju Hwan Chosen as A New Model of ‘UsNThem’

Lim Ju Hwan Us and Them

DeoHyu Company (via its representative Kwon Seong Jae) has appointed Lim Ju Hwan as their new model to deployed its modern urban style concept. Lim Ju Hwan is a model, actor with sensible and excellent (body) proportion, altogether will make a fresh image for ‘UsNThem’ in 2016.
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Lim Ju Hwan’s Childhood Pictures

On the last of the December last year, out of the blue, Lim Ju Hwan posted some of his childhood picture on his instagram account. He’s truly handsome boy back then and he has a pretty little sister. I’m sure you already seen it, but just let me posted it here for the future fans of him πŸ˜€

yo swag~

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