[Poll] Ugly Alert Couple, is it a real thing? (Closed & Solved)

Lim Ju Hwan Kang Sora, Lim Ju Hwan dating, Lim Ju Hwan girlfriend, Lim Ju Hwan Kang Sora kiss are popular search term on this blog. Make me think, are they ship-ing Ugly Alert couple, in this particular, Lim Ju Hwan and Kang Sora, for real?


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Lim Ju Hwan Close Friends

It’s been a long time. 1. There’s no news about Lim Ju Hwan worth to translate. 2. My RL has been so chaotic. Let’s move on.

Some of you maybe already acknowledge about Lim Ju Hwan close friends. Yep, many fans calls it ‘friends-squad goal’.
Jo In Seong, Song Jung Ki, Lee Kwang Su, Do Kyeong So, Kim Ki Bang and lately, they add Kim Wu Bin too.
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