Lim Ju Hwan Close Friends

It’s been a long time. 1. There’s no news about Lim Ju Hwan worth to translate. 2. My RL has been so chaotic. Let’s move on.

Some of you maybe already acknowledge about Lim Ju Hwan close friends. Yep, many fans calls it ‘friends-squad goal’.
Jo In Seong, Song Jung Ki, Lee Kwang Su, Do Kyeong So, Kim Ki Bang and lately, they add Kim Wu Bin too.

Song Jung Ki, Jo In Seong and Lim Ju Hwan on Frozen Flower (2008).
Song Jung Ki, Jo In Seong and Lim Ju Hwan on Frozen Flower (2008).

This friendship start at 2008, when four of them cast in ‘Frozen Flower’ movie. Of course, the big star there was Jo In Seong. Lim Ju Hwan, Song Jung Ki and Kim Ki Bang were only supporting casts. But that didn’t deter their friendship to begin.

They keep their good and close relationship. And I think at 2010, when Song Jung Ki joins Running Man, he brought Lee Kwang Su into their group. And it didn’t take a long time for them to be close to him. It showed when Song Jung Ki, Lee Kwang Su and Kim Ki Bang sent Lim Ju Hwan off to his military duty on 2011. You can see it on the video below.

Their group going larger when Jo In Seong and Lee Kwang Su brought Do Kyeong So in, as they were co-stars in ‘Its Okay Its Love’. And the last, even not as often as Kyeong So, Lim Ju Hwan bring Kim Wu Bin (they were co-star in ‘The Technicians’ and the next ‘Uncontrollably Fondly’) as in Lim Ju Hwan instagram update.

몸 보신. 인주광우경.힘!!!

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I’ve heard, entertainment industry is a mean and tough world. I am really happy that Lim Ju Hwan can find many good, best-friends from that world.




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